Need for a Mutiny:

A Billion strong and In the past 68 years we have no representation on the world stage of football. (World cup) How do we feel about this as Indians? Ashamed? At a loss? Frustrated?!!

We are a highly patriotic breed of people! But does one win their dignity without putting up a struggle for it? It took us years of bloodshed and awakening to build up to our independence.
And its going to take dedication, changing mindsets, money and a return to grass root development to change the state of Indian football.

This is our endeavor at Awadh Mutineers. We are and will change Indian football for better!

Who are the behind the Mutineers:

Anglian Football is an exciting and rapidly growing movement that is dedicated to building a global platform to connect and nurture players, traniners, coaches, managment, fans, media and others who are passionate about football across india and neigbouring countires.

(Anglian Holdings) has football clubs in Denmark ( FC Vestsjaelland) and India (Lajong Shillong FC). Awadh Mutineers is their exciting new project for North Indian hinterland. Their passion and dedication to the sport of football is unparalleled.

Takshila Academy:

Takshila Academy is a partner in providing Infrastructural and Educational support for talented footballers in the area of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Their pact with Awadh Mutineers has resulted in development of high quality football facilities. Also Takshila Academy plays a crucial role in assuring that all the young mutineers are getting quality world class education.

Sunny Narang

Sunny Narang is Director, their lead company is Omega Bright Steel Private Limited based in Faridabad, Pune and Chennai , one of the Indian leaders in bright bars. Sunny is also the Chief Strategic Officer for Anglian Football and is main think tank behind Anglian Omega Group. Sandeep is actively involved in all Anglian operations in India and has been the main driver behind our sports related activities in the country.

Ritesh Pandey

Ritesh Pandey is a Politician/ Enterpenuer who's believes that India's future will brighten if its youth in the hinterland are skilled and new opportunities are created. In his view the growing popularity of football in India provides huge opportunity for youth to shine.

Ashish Pandey

Ashish Pandey is an Enterpenuer and a passionate footballer. His business interest are in Real Estate, construction and Road Toll Contracts.